Employee Transport Software

Accessibility For Everyone in the Company

Our features and advantages are chosen to meet the needs of every EASY ETS user.


(Vehicle Supplier)

  • Manual and automatic grouping, routing, dispatching. Easy roaster change update, ad-hoc booking Management. live tracking of vehicles, SOS Log, manage vehicle and driver.

(Schedule Coordinators)

  • Grouping and routing made simple with both manual and automatic options. Keep track of roster adjustments with ease. Handle ad-hoc bookings effortlessly Keep track of vehicles in real-time and ensure safety with SOS logging.

(Skilled chauffeur)

  • Sharing stop-wise employee data, intelligent routing, easy Google map navigation, OTP-based check-in, digital signature, and the option to upload receipts or tokens.

(Passenger Users)

  • Providing real-time live tracking, ETA notifications, SOS alerts, driver ratings, e-signatures, roster change requests, ad-hoc booking requests, and Safely Home feature.
Corporate Travel Desk Managers
  • Upload roaster, approve and manage change in roaster, real time view of routing along with real time tracking and SOS log.
  • Manage employee commute with ease using our dedicated portal. Integrate EASY ETS SaaS with HRMS, GPS, SSO, roster, IVR, VoIP for seamless operations.
Car Rental Companies
  • Preparing rosters, routing, real-time tracking, incident management, billing, reporting, and additional features such as a corporate travel desk portal and vendor portal.

EASY ETS is software for managing employee transportation that encourages shared mobility for car rental companies and enterprises. Our solution automates transport operations and ensures safe and easy commuting.

Today, every business operates as an application company

Modernizing legacy technology improves security, increases speed to market, and accelerates innovation. Pure SaaS which is easy to start. Just upload employee data and enter fleet details to start using the product. Employee Transport Automation Software for Small & Mid-Sized Companies in India.

EASY ETS isn't just a product; it's a partnership. Major IT/ITES, banking, and call canter multinational companies trust EASY ETS to smoothly manage their vendors, corporate travel desk portal, vehicles, and trips with full transparency. Our emphasis on technology and excellent auditing skills set us apart from other companies handling vehicle fleets, making us the top choice for software partnerships.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Employee Transport Management

Below is a comprehensive list of potential KPIs to measure the performance and effectiveness of employee transport management:

KPI Category

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  1. On-time Departures:

    Percentage of trips departing within the scheduled time.

  2. On-time Arrivals:

    Percentage of trips arriving at the destination within the scheduled time.

  3. Vehicle Utilization Rate:

    Percentage of time vehicles are in use compared to available hours.

  4. Driver Utilization Rate:

    Percentage of time drivers are actively engaged in trips.

  5. Trip Completion Rate:

    Percentage of scheduled trips completed without cancellations or delays.

  6. Idle Time:

    Average duration of time vehicles remain idle between trips.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  1. Customer Feedback Score:

    Average rating provided by employees for their transport experience.

  2. Employee Complaint Resolution Time :

    Average time taken to address and resolve employee complaints related to transport services.

  3. Employee Wait Time:

    Average duration of time employees wait for pickup after scheduled departure time.

  4. Employee Safety Incidents:

    Number of safety incidents reported during transport operations.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  1. Cost per Kilometer:

    Average cost incurred per kilometer traveled by vehicles.

  2. Revenue per Trip :

    Average revenue generated per trip.

  3. Fuel Efficiency:

    Average fuel consumption per kilometer traveled.

  4. Maintenance Costs :

    Total expenses incurred for vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  1. Regulatory Compliance :

    Percentage of trips compliant with local transportation regulations.

  2. Driver Compliance :

    Percentage of drivers adhering to traffic rules and company policies.

  3. Vehicle Inspection Compliance:

    Percentage of vehicles passing regular inspections and maintenance checks.

  4. Safety Training Completion Rate :

    Percentage of drivers completing mandatory safety training programs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  1. Usage of Driver App:

    Percentage of trips where drivers utilize the dedicated mobile app for trip management.

  2. Rider App Adoption Rate :

    Percentage of employees using the rider app for trip booking and tracking.

  3. System Downtime:

    Total duration of system unavailability or downtime.

  4. Data Accuracy:

    Percentage of accurate data entries and updates within the system.

Modernization AI Approach

Outcome-Based KPIs

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Smooth week-long migration

Optimized Support Operations

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All-in-One Cloud-Based Employee Transport Management Software

Home-Office-Home Transportation

Improve daily employee Home-Office-Home travels to boost productivity and ensure safety.

Works on Roaster Excel

OLD is GOLD, if you have a team expert using excel, we have solutions for you, upload employee data excel, roster data in excel and even routelist in excel.

Form based Easy Roster

Effortless way to manage employee transport service, fill form and done. These days corporates always asking for changes even after sharing roaster excel.

Manual and automated employee grouping

Combine employees manually or automatically as per your requirement.

Manual and automated vehicle allocation

Dispatch cab manually or automatically as per your requirement.

Drivers are shuffled periodically to prevent route familiarization.

Rotating drivers periodically offers several benefits:

Enhanced Security:

Prevents driver familiarity with routes, reducing predictability and potential threats.

Improved Efficiency:

Rotating drivers boosts adaptability to diverse conditions and customer requirements.

Reduced Monotony:

Varied routes keep drivers engaged, enhancing attentiveness.

Mitigated Risks:

Multiple drivers acquainted with different routes ensure service continuity during driver unavailability.

Training Opportunities:

Rotating drivers facilitates cross-training and skill enhancement through shared experiences

Instant (On-Demand) Arrangements

Employees or travel desk bookers can create ad hoc bookings.

Approval Matrix As Per Employee Grade Corporate Car Rentals

Determines the approval process for ad-hoc bookings:

  • One-time Approval
  • Every Time Approval
  • No Approval Required


  • Employee Creates ad hoc Booking
  • Manager Approval (if applicable)
  • Dispatch: Once approved (if required), the adhoc booking is forwarded to the dispatch for further processing and scheduling.

Driver App Features

"Complete Duty Details on Driver App, No Paper required"

- Easy right swipe to change trip status, No-show button

"Google Maps navigation & E-signature on driver app"

- NO internet required to close the booking

Vendor Dispatch Portal

"Booking Sorting as per Open, Allocated, and Closed Status"

- Single Click Re-assign Vehicle and Revoke Booking

"Real-Time Location Track on Map: All Vehicles on Mobile Apps"

- with Status: Reaching to Pickup, At Pickup, With Pax, and Journey Finished

Corporate Travel Desk Portal

"Approval Matrix, Create Adhoc Booking, Live & History Tracking"

SoS alert management, track employee raised issue status, trip status of employee in real time.

"Employee Data, Roster Excel Upload"

- Easy change in roster, single click login & logout time change using filter and form or thru excel roaster upload

Vehicle Tracking for Employee

"Vehicle Tracking on Map via Mobile Browser"

- OTP for Check-In Trip Start, E-signature, SOS Button, Feedback Possible

"Communicate as Brand Name"

- Branding Trip Summary Details on SMS/Email/WhatsApp is now possible.

Rider App

"Live ETAs & Vehicle Tracking on Google Map"

- See Co-passengers, Emergency SOS, Feedback, Works Even on 2G

"White labelled your brand mobile apps"

-Rider iOS App on Apple Store, Android App on Play Store, and Web Login

CRM Web Admin

"Approval Matrix, Create Adhoc Booking, Live & History Tracking."

SoS alert management, track employee raised issue status, trip status of employee in real time.

"Employee Data, Roster & Route List Excel Upload"

- Auto and Manual Trip Allocation, Cancellation, Re-assign to Driver Based on Route List

Employee Transport System

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